Plum Tomatoes
Plum Tomatoes
Photo: Half bushels of plum tomatoes, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, August 21,  2015
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since the 1990's. Available mid August - late September 2019.

Solanum lycopersicum

Here's some information on our sauce/canning tomatoes:

After a cool wet start to the 2019 season, we finally got some hot weather that the tomatoes love, and the crop is excellent. The plum tomato harvest has begun, and we expect to have a good supply until late September. Sometimes there are weeks when there are just enough tomatoes to fill our orders, so we recommend emailing or phoning in your order.

Our goal is to grow the very best tasting plum tomatoes possible. I select varieties that taste great, and grow and harvest them the way Mother Nature intended.

Did you know that just about all plum tomatoes are artificially ripened and harvested by machine? Yuck! That's not the way we do it! Our tomatoes are sun ripened, and picked by hand. This means they'll taste delicious, it also means they cost a bit more, but your sauce is worth it!

We pick our tomatoes directly into ½ bushels: that's 16 quarts, or about 27 lbs. Full bushels are just too heavy for our fully ripe tomatoes, especially for the ones at the bottom of the bushel!
You may use our tomatoes right away, if not, spread them out in a single layer (if you have a lot, a tarpaulin in the garage works well). This way the tomatoes will continue to ripen for about 5 days, depending on temperature and humidity.

We have Roma and San Marzano tomatoes available. San Marzanos are longer and thinner than Romas, have better name recognition, and celebrity chefs swear by them. However, in our farm kitchen taste tests, we find our Romas to be slightly more flavourful than the S.M.s, and they make slightly thicker sauce. Admittedly the differences are subtle, why not try some of each and tell us your favourite!

Our 2019 prices are $14.00/ ½ bu, 10 or more $12.00 each. We know you can probably find less expensive tomatoes elsewhere, but our customers say that ours are worth it. If you’re sceptical about this, do a taste test! One time a customer of ours did just that. One batch of sauce made with our Romas, one batch made with the “other guys”, then the whole family got together for a spaghetti dinner taste test. Long story short, they actually poured one batch of sauce down the drain, and only buy our tomatoes now!

If you'd like us to put some aside for you, email or give us a call at 905-335-2515.

Please see our Heirlooms page for more plum tomatoes!