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6202 Walkers Line,
Burlington, ON

Marina Di Chioggia
Marina Di Chioggia
Photo: Marina Di Chioggia, David MacTavish, Hutchinson Farm, Burlington, ON, September 13 2011
Grown at Hutchinson Farm since 2011, available mid-September - October.

Genus: Cucurbita maxima
Height: 6 - 8"
Width: 8 - 12"
Weight: 10 - 12 lbs
Colour: Greenish blue-grey
Rind Texture: Extremely bumpy
bright orange

Is this not the most amazing pumpkin you have ever seen? With mesmerizing bumps, classic pumpkin shape, and a way-cool colour, Marina Di Chioggia will be the star of your Thanksgiving displays. Named for the coastal region of Italy, just south of Venice

As if it's looks weren't enough, Marina di Chioggia is also the star of kitchen. With it's superb flavour, and super smooth texture, Marina di Chioggia is the traditional variety used in pumpkin ravioli and other Italian dishes.